Tuesday, April 2, 2019

REVIEW: "Crimes of the Heart" at CATS Playhouse

by Sadie Nickerson

What is your favorite classic television show? Are you an I Love Lucy fan? Perhaps MASH or The Brady Bunch come to mind. Watching shows like those may make us yearn for simpler times and a sense of wholesomeness. However, if one only gives them a second glance, the sexism and problematic portrayal of gender roles quickly reveal themselves. Decades later, much of our current society has not improved these attitudes. Beth Henley may have written Crimes of the Heart in 1986, but its focus on domestic abuse and female mental health make it topically relevant for audiences in the age of “Me Too”. Children and Adults Theatrical Studio (CATS Playhouse) made an astute choice when selecting it for their 2018-2019 season.